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Barelang Bridge

Barelang Bridge is the name of the bridge connecting the islands of Batam Island, the island of Tonton, Nipah Island, Rempang island, Galang Island and Pulau Galang Baru. So the name itself has a meaning Barelang abbreviation of Batam, eccentric, and Galang. The six pieces Barelang bridge consists of: Bridge Tengku Fisabilillah (Bridge I), the largest bridge. Nara Lion Bridge (Bridge II). Raja Ali Haji Bridge (bridge III). Sultan Zainal Abidin Bridge (Bridge IV). Bridge Tuanku Tambusai (V bridge). Kecik King Bridge (bridge VI).

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Suramadu National Bridge

Suramadu National Bridge is a bridge that crosses the Madura Strait, connecting the island of Java (Surabaya) and Madura Island, Indonesia. With a length of 5438 m, this bridge is the longest bridge in Indonesia today. Longest bridge consists of three parts, namely the overpass (causeway), bridges (bridge approach), and the main bridge (bridge).

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Museum Komodo

Museum Komodo displays a rare charm in the form of preserved animals and reptiles live. Architecture of the building takes the form of dragons, animals that live only on Komodo Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur, stands on an area of ​​10,120 m² with a building area of ​​1500 m².

Reptile park that presents a collection of live reptiles is built around the museum building on April 20, 2001. Visitors can recognize these unique animals one by one starting from the Komodo dragon, lizard, lizards, snakes with legs, python, king cobra, turtle, turtle neck snakes, crocodiles turtles, frogs, crocodiles, iguanas and other reptiles. Children who have a sense of curiosity more and always want to hold can hold and mingle freely with the python in the Garden Tap.


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Imax Theatre Golden Conch

Imax Theatre Golden Conch is a special film screenings and performances with advanced technology in the form of a giant snail, founded on the initiative of Tien Soeharto's mother, and started operating on April 20, 1984.

Very typical theater is intended as a means of recreation that educate in order to introduce the richness of nature and culture through film tanyangan giant screen cinematography by using sophisticated technology modem IMAX projectors. Watching movies at this theater, the audience seemed to participate in it and were also acting as a player.

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Houses Domes / Dome

Houses Domes / Dome is one of the houses are very unique in the world. The house is also often referred to by locals as the home Teletubies. The shape of this house is unique, round shape, and is above the 6x6 sized building with two bedrooms and a kitchen, with walls made ​​of concrete and ceramic flooring uses.

This house is actually a donation from the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (Wango) with a single donor Muhammad Ali Alabar. Ali Alabar, is the owner of Emaar Properties of Dubai, Uni Arab Emirates. The house was deliberately made ​​to people who had lost his house due to earthquake and natural disasters that occurred in Yogyakarta - Indonesia.
If the day this house will be very cool at all because the flow of air that flows plus heat-reflecting concrete, not as if the night. That said, if the night, the house is no longer cool. To that end, the concrete roof, make a kind of NGO Wango chimney for air circulation.

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Pantar Strait - The Beauty of Marine Parks

Pantar Strait is the underwater sights are very interesting. It is said that this place is where the most beautiful marine park after the Caribbean. Many foreign tourists who have been to Alor amazed. Because, besides the beauty of the sea garden pampered, they also discovered the phenomenon of marine parks is rare and very interesting. So, it's normal Alor nautical tourism with the underwater panorama spefisik in Pantar Strait to be excellent and the teaser for the world-class diver. Noted, there are 26 diving points charming gan tourists. To-26 point dive it is, Half Moon Bay, Peter's Prize, Crocodile Rook, Cave Point, The Edge, Coral Clitts, Baeylon, The Arch, Fallt Line, The pacth, Nite Delht, Kal's Dream, The Ball, Trip Top, The Mlai Hall, No Man's Land, The Chatedral, School's Ut, and Shark Close.

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Matano Lake

Matano Lake is a lake located in South Sulawesi - Indonesia, precisely located at the southern tip of Sulawesi island in the city Sorowako, Luwu East. This lake has a depth of 600 meters (1969 feet), of which 382 meters above sea level. According to WWF, this lake is the deepest lake in Southeast Asia and the eighth deepest in the world.

Lake Matano is not a formation of some tributaries, but are formed from thousands of springs that will never experience drought. The water is very clear.

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Selarong Cave

Selarong Cave is a cave located about 14 km south of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, precisely in Bantul district, and located on a hilltop covered with many trees of guava and sapodilla trees kecik that are characteristic of the object. Goa is now a one tourist attraction with beautiful natural scenery as well as suitable for use as a campground.

First the history of Cave Selarong is used as the headquarters of Prince Diponegoro in the guerrilla struggle against Dutch colonialism. Prince Diponegoro in Tegalrejo moved after his home was attacked and burned by the Dutch.

In the area around Cave Selarong there are centers that produce wooden handicraft statues, masks and others. Government of Bantul Regency is developing the region as an object Cave Selarong Klengkeng agrotourism with plants.

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Carocok beach - Beautiful Beach

Carocok beach city located west of Painan, West Sumatra, Indonesia. This beach is very famous in West Sumatra Indonesia Nor, said some people are not losing Carocok Coast from Beach Island in Malaysia (Kra Peninsula Coast).

The most beautiful moment on the beach when the sun is going carocok tengelam, Orange Sunset Panorama that bounced over the surface of the Ocean Indonesia is very nice to behold.

Beaches in the area this Painan Carocok There is also a Rock Island that is connected with the tip of Pulau Batu Bukit Langkisau.Yaitu Kareta, we can accomplish very easily, because the bridge had been built by the local government of Côte carocok get to the island this Kareta Stone .

Not only that about 200 meters westward carocok Beach is located a small island of white sandy historic and very clean water, the island Cingkuk.Dipulau can we find traces of Portuguese fort ruins. And according to history, the first Portuguese Coastal menjejakan foot on the island of Sumatra Island is in this Cingkuk. In addition to the Portuguese fort on the island there is also a tomb of the existing Portuguese inscriptions.

Various activities can be done in this cingkuk island from sea water bathing, diving to fishing.

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Pulau Umang - Small is Beautiful Home

Pulau Umang located in the District of Wells, Pandeglang district, Banten. This place is suitable to run from the city noise and enjoy the beautiful moments of your honeymoon. On this island, there is a resort is styled with a touch of artistic nature, beauty of the sea surrounded by mountains add to the atmosphere more romantic honeymoon time.

Since its establishment in late 2004, this tourist area provides a variety of water sports. Among snorkeling, jet skiing and banana boat. The waters around Pulau Umang safe enough for a variety of water sports is because the waves around the islands of relative calm. This is due to the location of the island that are not directly facing the sea, but the 'hindered' by the Ujung Kulon. In addition, Umang Island is also very close to the mainland.
In addition to some water sports, visitors who stay overnight in Pulau Umang can also swim in the swimming pool directly overlooking the sea. Another option, soak in warm water yakuzi which also overlooks the sea. Umang Island is tiny. That's why, you can around it in a short time, without fatigue. Only need 10 minutes to round the island while enjoying the scenery. If lucky, travelers can see the hermit. Who is she ???... He is an animal which is the original inhabitants of this island. Umang has a home in the form of shells. Often these animals leave their shells, which they regard as home to move to another shell. Of course, this shift mean anything. They moved the shells because their bodies are bigger. As a result, they need a larger shell. Large shells that are 'legacy' of the hermit crab who lived before them. Therefore, travelers who come to Pulau Umang strictly forbidden to take any shellfish or shells on the island.

One more facilities that you deserve to enjoy the spa. If you've often spa treatments, spa on the island maybe this will give something different. One of the reasons, you will undergo a spa while inhaling fresh sea air nan. Place used for the spa is also quite unique, ie a tassel-roofed gazebo. Just so you know, gazebo, two of the four-foot jib, planted in the sea. This type of spa treatments that are available are very diverse. There is a massage for Indonesia, there are also massage foreign countries, like France and Sweden.

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Island Takabonerate

Island Takabonerate is located in the District Takabonerate Selayar, South Sulawesi - Indonesia, will put up as an international tourist destination with a scheduled implementation of a number of annual programs of international travel. Takabonerate maritime tourism, which is the world's third most beautiful marine parks that have protected millions of marine life.

A navy warship belonging named KRI Dr Suharto Indonesia has prepared a floating hotel as a means of shelter for tourists visiting the island.

The plan, island tourism promotion committee will also increase the number of ships to accommodate the tourists one by renting a yacht.

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Tanjung Dimples - Shades of Bali in the area of ​​Banten

Dimples promontory located in Labuan, Banten. The beach is designed with the natural feel of Bali. This beach is also designed to mengaet foreign tourists, not only the local tourists. It can be seen from the standard price using internationally currency (dollar). To enter this tourist area must use a personal vehicle, for transportation umun must not enter the area. Maybe that's why the cost for day trips to Cape Dimples is expensive and elegant impression. So not many people are choosing Cape Dimples become a family tourist spot.

Dimples Cape Coast, has panoramic views and beautiful natural beaches of white sand and reefs are unique. The atmosphere and conditions Pandeglang mainstay tourist area is suitable for water sports activities (snorkeling, diving and jetsky). Located in the west region Pandeglang.

Calm and clear water conditions. In the north of the headland is an area that is not so steep hills. Here there is a section that juts into the sea and form a lagoon beach, the sea water like a lake to form covering 12 ha and a depth of up to 5 meters with a calm water conditions.

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