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O'Higgins / San Martín Lake

O'Higgins / San Martín Lake. The lake is known as O'Higgins in Chile and San Martín in Argentina are located around the coordinates 48 ° 72 50 main · 36'W / 48.833 ° S 72.6 ° W / -48.833; -72.6 in Patagonia, between the Aysen Region and the Province of Santa Cruz. It has a surface area of ​​1058 km ², elevation 250 meters above sea level, and a long coastline of 525 km. Seen from above, the lake consists of a series of finger-shaped valley floods, which 554 km ² in Chile and 459 km ² in Argentina, although sources differ on the appropriate division, may reflect the variability of water levels.

Is the deepest lake in America with a maximum depth of 836 meters near the O'Higgins Glacier and the characteristic blue color of milk on the lake is derived from rocks that are suspended in water. O'Higgins Glacier flows eastward toward the lake, as well as glacier Chico. The most common tourist route to visit this lake is that of El Chalten in Argentina and Villa O'Higgins in Chile, including the ferry through the Chilean side of the lake.

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