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Verzasca Dam or Contra Dam

Verzasca Dam or Contra Dam is an arch dam located in the River Verzasca in Val Verzasca, Switzerland, and is the fourth highest in Switzerland. The dam was built between 1961 and 1965 and began shortly after the reservoir was filled, a series of earthquakes associated with the water loads occur until 1971.

The dam is very popular among lovers of adrenaline, because the dam is very popular used for bungee jumping, especially since after being used by James Bond stuntman who jumped from this place in the opening scene the movie Golden Eye, 1995, which is the best action movies of all time in a poll .

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Appenzellerland is a hill that was very popular among tourists because of its beauty is very charming. This place is situated in the eastern part of Switzerland, better known by rolling green hills, flowery meadows and rugged mountains. Appenzellerland is Heidi.Di land for homes Here you will find all sorts of walking trails and the largest Nordic fitness park in Switzerland. Cow performances are popular, and locals enjoy dressing up in costumes tradisional.Di this place there is also a beautiful sight to be a nice background picture taken.

Besides tourists come here deliberately to seek culture and customs of Appenzell, and to discover the richness of the tradition of painting, music and cheese making, as well as the natural art of life is stunning. Appenzell also has a long history and rich in mineral water (first exploited in 1657) and other culinary.

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Basel Zoo

Basel Zoo is a non-profit zoo located in the city of Basel, Switzerland. Its official name is the Zoologischer Garten Basel - or in English: Zoological Garden Basel. The main entrance just outside the city of Basel Steinen strip of river valley and extends to the border town of Basel Birsig with Binningen, Basel-Country.

Switzerland Basel Zoo's oldest zoo (1874) and largest (by number of animals). This is a major tourist attraction with nearly 1.7 million visitors per year, so it pays the most visited tourist attraction in Switzerland.

Basel Zoo ranks as one of the fifteen best zoos in the world by Forbes Travel in 2008, and in 2009 as the seventh best in Europe by Anthony Sheridan from the Zoological Society of London.

The zoo was the first Indian rhino born at the zoo, as well as the first is greater flamingos hatch. It also had repeated success with the breeding of animals including cheetahs (18 born), okapi (22), Pygmy hippopotamus (53), and flamingos (over 400 hatched). Every Somali Wild Ass (donkey) in zoos around the world relating to population in Basel, where the animals of this species breeding program began.

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Swiss-Country Snow Beautiful

Switzerland is one country in central Europe that has beautiful scenery. country that directly borders with Germany, France, Italy, and Austria was largely a region of the Alps are famous slopes keindahanya, and therefore would not be surprised if the Swiss have the best snow scenery in the world, and into the category of countries of the world's most beautiful snow .

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