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Son doong Goa - Goa The Whistle

Son doong Goa is located in National Park Phong Nha-Ke Bang, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province. Son doong Goa has a length of about 5 km, height 200 m, and width of 150 meters which was named the world's largest cave beat Deer Cave in Malaysia which has only 2km size, height of 100 meters and 90 meters wide.

Besides having a very large size, it turns out Goa also has another uniqueness of this cave could spend all day whistling sound no matter how it's night or day. The locals were afraid to approach the cave, let alone get in it. Because of the cave appears strange noises, like whistles which makes hair-raising goose bumps. Belief in the supernatural can sometimes be the great discovery that has been a barrier in sight.

Until the end of last year, a group of British scientists reveal the "hidden treasure" Vientam. The researchers came to Son doong Cave for observation. How surprised they were, it turns out that the vast cave. This cave was five times larger than the largest cave in Vietnam, Phong Nha, even after the measure, far greater extent than the world's largest cave, Deer in Malaysia.

But a team of British researchers from the British Cave Research Association, the work reveals the strange noises that had been feared by residents. According to them a strange whistling wind was coming from a river underground water is very heavy so that the echo sounds strange.

Actually, the British scientist who first discovered this was not the giant cave. Are locals ie, HO-Khanh who discovered it in 1991. He had been told about the discovery, but no one dared to come there because of odd whistles that come from within.

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