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Wieliczka in southern Poland in the Kraków metropolitan area, and situated (since 1999) in Lesser Poland Voivodeship, previously, was in Kraków Province (1975-1998). The city was founded in 1290 by Duke Premislas II of Poland.

Located under the town of Wieliczka Salt Mine Wieliczka is. One of the world's oldest operating mine salt (the oldest is at Bochnia, Poland, 20 km (12 miles) from Wieliczka), which has been operating since prehistoric times.

Mines for tourist attractions, including dozens of sculptures and an entire chapel that has been carved out of rock salt by the miners. Approximately 1.2 million people visited the Wieliczka Salt Mines every year. Commercial mining was stopped in 1996 because of low prices and flooding the salt mines.

And keep in mind that the mine was used as an aircraft factory during World War 2. Interesting instead of staying on top of the salt mine. Obviously all the salt water.

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