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Most Popular Places on Earth's Surface

 Dasht-e Lut desert valleys also are the most dry and hot in the world. According to NASA satellite records, there is one area where surface temperatures never reached 71 degrees Celsius. This is the record highest temperature ever happened on Earth's surface.

The area was called Gandom Beriyan (parched grain), the wide reach of about 480 square kilometers. As quoted from the Earth Snapshot, 27 April 2011, the cause of high temperatures in the region is because the surface is covered by volcanic lava.

 The dark layer absorbs a lot of sunlight. Due to the temperature difference with the area that have different heights in the vicinity, the region formed a wind tunnel.

The eastern part of Dasht-e Lut is a low-lying filled with salt content. In the center of the crater there are mountains and parallel grooves carved naturally by winds that reached 150 kilometers in length and height to 75 meters.

This area is also full of gaps and holes. In the southeast, there is a vast desert with dunes reaching a height of 300 meters. Dunes in the region is among the highest in the world.

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