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The beautiful city of Osaka in Japan

Osaka city is located on the island of Honshu, at the mouth of Yodo River on Osaka Bay. This city is one of the major industrial center and port, and also the capital of Osaka Prefecture and the center of Osaka-Kobe metropolitan area, Kyoto. To the east, neighboring Osaka Kyoto and Nara, and to the west of the city of Kobe. Osaka is part of the Kansai region.

Osaka is a metropolis of water, with rivers and the largest number of bridges in Japan through countless. According to the Japanese, there are "808 building bridges" in Osaka. It is said that for the Japanese, the number "8083 is an extraordinary amount of money, and was tantamount to not counted. Actual number of existing bridges in Osaka is 790, among which, 761 bridges managed by Osaka city government.

There are two in downtown Osaka, the Umeda in the north, and south of Namba. Both the city center connected by a main road called Midosuji. Trade offices, banks, and Japanese conglomerates are generally centered around Jalan Midosuji. Midosuji Street scene with leaves that turn yellow Ginkgo trees in autumn is very beautiful.
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The World's tallest tower Tokyo Sky tree

The Tokyo Sky Tree, Japan, officially opened to the public on Tuesday (22/5). The building is the tallest tower in the world. In addition, the Tokyo Sky Tree became the second tallest building in the world after Burj Dubai Khalifa in Dubai (830 meters).

Local people are curious about the 634-meter-high building. They immediately meet the observation deck on the 350th floor and the floor 450.

But the weather on the day of the inauguration of Tokyo looks cloudy. So that citizens could enjoy the view of the city with the maximum.


However, leadership development company Tobu Railways, Yoshizumi Nezu, said the rain would fall was a blessing. Building that has a meaning of the name as 'Tokyo Sky Tree' it needs water to grow and develop.

High Tokyo Sky Tree tower beat Canton in China (600 meters). Tokyo Tower has 312 stores and restaurants. There is also an aquarium and planetarium. Tower will also replace the Tokyo Tower is the television and radio transmitters.

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Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium / Okinawa Churaumi Akuariom Suizokukan is one of the most famous and largest in the world. Many visitors from abroad come here to enjoy the beauty akuarim.
The Aquarium is located at Ocean Expo Park, northwest of Okinawa, Japan. This aquarium is an aquarium and second largest in the world after the opening of the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta in 2005.

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Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is a communications and observation tower located in Shiba Park, Tokyo, Japan.
Tokyo Tower as a symbol of Tokyo's famous and attractions rather than its function as an analog TV transmitter tower antenna (UHF / VHF), digital local TV and FM radio. Overall Height 332.6 m and is building the world's tallest steel tower that stood alone on the ground. Based on aviation safety regulations, the tower is painted international orange with white in some places. Lower surrounding buildings, so the Tokyo Tower can be seen from various locations in downtown.

Built in 1958, the main source of income is tourism and the tower antenna leasing. More than 150 million people have visited the tower since it opened. FootTown, 4-story building located directly beneath the tower houses, museums, restaurants and shops. Departing from here, guests can visit the two observation deck. 2-main floor observatory is located at 150 meters (490 feet), while the smaller Special Observatory reached an altitude of 250 meters (820 feet).

To climb the tower by elevator, visitors can reach the observation room at the top of the tower, precisely located at an altitude of 120 meters-125 meters. From this observation we are free space staring at the beauty of following the Tokyo skyscrapers, keruwetannya, density, area and grandeur of the palace the emperor's funeral. One more observation room located at an altitude of 223 m.
When the weather is sunny, a few other areas that are far from Tokyo clearly visible, including Mount Fuji, Hakone mountains, mountain Tsukuba, etc.. When the sunset to midnight, Tokyo Tower emit a beautiful glow. This light comes from hundreds of colored lights arranged in the body of the tower. There are 176 lights One hundred seventy-six floodlights installed in various parts of the tower.

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The Harajuku Protestant Church

The Harajuku Protestant Church, located in Tokyo, was first unveiled by the design firm of Ciel Rouge Creation in 2005. The ceiling is specially made to reverberate natural sound for 2 seconds to provide a unique listening experience for worshipers and tourists.
The structure is composed of seven elements (six wide arches above the nave and a bell tower) that correspond to the seven days of creation and to the seven churches of the Orient. The architect’s intent was to create an open, airy space allowing light to pour through the arches onto the parishioners.

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Tokyo is the capital of Japan as well as densely populated areas in Japan, as well as the largest metropolitan areas in the world based on total population (33.75 million in urban and surrounding areas).

About 12 million people living in Tokyo and hundreds of thousands die every day away from the surrounding area to work and do business in Tokyo. Tokyo is the center of political, economic, cultural and academic in Japan and the Japanese emperor's residence and seat of state government, and is a major business and financial center for the entire East Asia.

Tokyo has far fewer skyscrapers than any other city of its size due to construction regulations earthquakes. Buildings in Tokyo consists mostly of low-level apartment (6 up to 10 floors) and the cramped family home. Tokyo is also the location of the most complex mass transportation system in the world, and renowned for its hours of busy crowded.

It turns out that all the Tokyo saved behind a mystery that you should know. It began when Japanese researcher, Shun Akiba find an old map of the Tokyo tunnel system that is incompatible with the existing map. Since then she has found irregularities in the six historical maps and other records about space-room tunnel degan tersembunyi.termasuk some hidden room architectural design that we know as Ninja .. And walls that can turn around themselves.

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Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is Japan's highest mountain, lies on the border of Shizuoka and Yamanashi Prefecture, west of Tokyo. Mount Fuji is located near the Pacific coast of central Honshu. Fuji is surrounded by three cities of Gotemba (east), Fuji-Yoshida (North) and Fujinomiya (southwest). 3776 m high mountain is also surrounded by five lakes namely Kawaguchi, Yamanaka, Sai, Motosu and Shoji.

Mount Fuji is a symbol of Japan's famous and often depicted in artwork and photographs, as well as visited by mountaineers and tourists.

Mount Fuji is estimated to form about 10,000 years ago. A volcano is still active despite having a low possibility of eruption, Fuji last erupted in 1707. There are five lakes around Fuji, namely Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Yamanaka, Lake Sai, Lake Shoji and Lake Motosu.

Mountain peaks covered with ice is very sacred to Buddhist and Shinto, and is also believed to be the palace of the Goddess of Fire in the Shinto religion and Danichi Nyorai, the Sun God in Buddhism.

Approximately 200,000 people climb Mount Fuji every year, 30% of them foreigners. Deadlines are the most popular for climbers is from 1 July to 27 August. The climb can take from 3 to 7 hours while the decline of the mountain at around 2 to 5 hours.

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Matsumoto Castle

Matsumoto Castle, also known as the "Crow Castle" because of its black exterior, is one of Japan's premier historic castles. It is located in the city of Matsumoto, in Nagano Prefecture and is within easy reach of Tokyo by road or rail.
The keep (tenshukaku), which was completed in the late 16th century, maintains its original wooden interiors and external stonework. It is listed as a National Treasure of Japan.

Matsumoto Castle is a flatland castle (hirajiro) because it is not built on a hilltop or amid rivers, but on a plain. Its complete defences would have included an extensive system of inter-connecting walls, moats and gatehouses.

 In 1872, following the Meiji Restoration, the site, like many former daimyos' castles, was sold at auction for redevelopment. However, when news broke that the keep was going to be demolished, an influential figure from Matsumoto, Ichikawa Ryōzō, along with residents from Matsumoto started a campaign to save the building. Their efforts were rewarded when the tower was acquired by the city government.

In the late Meiji period the keep started to lean to one side. An old picture (shown below) clearly shows how the keep looked like then. It was because of neglect coupled with a structural defect, but a lot of people believed the story of Tada Kasuke's curse.

A local high school principal, Kobayashi Unari, decided to renovate the castle and appealed for funds. The castle underwent "the great Meiji renovation" between 1903-1913. It underwent another renovation "the great Shōwa renovation" in the period 1950-1955.

In 1990, the Kuromon-Ninomon (second gate of the Black Gate) and sodebei (side wall) were reconstructed. The square drum gate was reconstructed in 1999.

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Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle is a castle located in Himeji city, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Enchanting beauty of the white stucco walls of the palace dominates the Himeji Castle has made another name for "white egret bird palace". Himeji Castle is one example of architectural heritage palace from the beginning of the 17th century's most important.

Himeji Castle was always a fire escape from the danger of war and survived the fall of the palace in the hands of the enemy, so the main tower and other buildings of the palace is still much left. The Japanese government set eight buildings, including the main towers, turrets, and Watari-Yagura is in the palace complex as a state heritage. In addition, the manifold building with a total of 74 buildings inside the palace complex (27 buildings Yagura / Watari-Yagura, building 15 gates, 32 building wall) designated as important cultural heritage.

Himeji Castle is rated as the world's cultural heritage is very precious, so that in 1993 UNESCO put Himeji Castle to the list of World Heritage Sites in the category of cultural heritage.

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Hoshi Ryokan-Oldest Hotel in The World

Hoshi ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) in the Awazu Onsen area of ​​Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. Founded in 717, it is the oldest hotel in the world still operate according to Guinness World Records and oldest companies in the world continue to operate after the liquidation of Kongo Gumi in 2006. The hotel has been operated by the same family for 46 generations.

One night in the Hoshi Ryokan around USD 350 per person including breakfast and dinner. They also offer activities such as tea ceremony or guided tours around the area. The best thing they offer is a hot water bath, in Japan known as an onsen.

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