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Poenari Castle

Poenari Castle, also known as the palace fort Poenari is very famous in his country, and even in the world. The palace was precisely located in Romania, on the cliffs, on the right side of the road Transfagarasan in Arges County. The building was founded around the beginning of the 13th century by the rulers of Wallachia. And in the 14th century, the fort is the main Poenari of Basarab rulers.

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Bezid Lake

Bezid Lake is a lake that is very famous and phenomenal located in the territory of Transylvania Romania. This lake has beautiful scenery and stunning, but not only that, because this place has a uniqueness, namely the lake was formed after Bezid whole village is flooded, leaving the houses at the bottom of the lake and only a local church tower and the trees still be seen rising above the lake. Branches and twigs of old trees towering above the surface looks like the water is full of mystical hands. And under the water there are still ruins of the village are sinking more and add to the atmosphere so beautiful and unique.

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Bran castle

Bran castle is a fortress or better known as the Palace. The fort is situated near Bran, the border between Transylvania and Wallachia. And by common among these places are known as "Dracula's Castle" (although this is only one of the few places linked with the legend of Dracula, like the Palace and the Palace Hunyad Poienari.

Not only that, history also shows that a tyrant named Vlad the Impaler never lived in this palace. In one of the carvings in the building, described Vlad was partying alone with the "presence" of the victims hanging on the wall.

Because history is pretty awful, now the Palace is now a museum open to tourists. Tourists can see the interior of the individual or by a tour. At the bottom of the hill is a small open-air Museum shows the traditional Romanian peasant structures (cottages, warehouses, etc.) from around the country. But the usual rules in the sights as "vulnerable", the visitors are limited only been until four o'clock in the afternoon only.

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Dracula's Castle

Dracula's Castle. Transylvania is a historical region in central Romania. Bordered on the east and south by the Carpathian mountains, Transylvania extended history in the west to the Apuseni Mountains, however, sometimes the term encompasses not only Transylvania proper, but also the history Crisana, Maramureş, and (Romanian) Banat.

Transylvania is often associated with a legend surrounding community, that is Dracula.
Bran Castle has had a reputation as one of the most famous monuments of medieval architecture in this place, known by travelers worldwide as "Dracula's Castle." Although Romania is full of buildings with historical architecture and old, Bran castle remains the most important buildings, and can not be denied the building has been widely known.

Popularity is the association with Count Dracula, the infamous. The castle consists of 17 pieces of the room, Bran castle is also one of the most expensive property in the country, with a sales value of about 140 million dollars.

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Hunedoara Castle (Corvinesti Castle)

Hunedoara Castle (Corvinesti Castle) this castle is a solid rock fortress fiercely built by Turkish prisoners. Holds 3 huge pointed towers, a drawbridge and high battlements, 5 marble columns with delicate ribbed vaults support two halls, and Knight's Hall. 50 rooms today houses a feudal art museum. It served as a fortress until mid the 14 C when it became the residence of Transylvania's ruler, Iancu de Hunedoara. Iancu upgraded the fortress and it soon became known as the most beautiful castle in Transylvania. Today you can see its Gallery, Maces Tower, the Knights Hall, the Council Hall, Chapel, and 100 ft courtyard.
Gothic style castle built on roman ruins in 14 C. Vlad Tepes was imprisoned here during his youth for 7 years. And location for this castle near the city of Hunedoara, 18 km/9 miles south of Deva.

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Peleş Castle

Peleș Castle is a Neo-Renaissance castle in the Carpathian Mountains, near Sinaia, in Prahova County, Romania, on an existing medieval route linking Transylvania and Wallachia, built between 1873 and 1914. Its inauguration was held in 1883.

The Palace's 160 rooms are adorned by the finest examples of European art, Murano crystal chandeliers, German stained-glass windows, walls covered with Cordoba leather, Meissen and Sevres porcelains, ebony and ivory sculptures. Its medieval collection of swords and nights armour are simply astonishing.

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Bran Castle


Bran Castle often refered to as "Dracula's Castle", originally built as a fortress for the Knights of the Teutonic in 1212. It was later re-built in 13 C by the Saxons to protect the city of Brosov. Some versions refer to Bran Castle as the base for Vlad Tepes; although this point is heatedly debated among Dracula fans.

Bran Castle situated near and in the immediate vicinity of Braşov, is a national monument and landmark in Romania. The fortress is situated on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia, on DN73.

The castle is now a museum open to tourists, displaying art and furniture collected by Queen Marie. Tourists can see the interior individually or by a guided tour. At the bottom of the hill is a small open air museum park exhibiting traditional Romanian peasant structures (cottages, barns, etc.) from across the country.

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Făgăraş Castle

 Făgăraș is a city in central Romania, located in Braşov County (German: Kronstadt. It lies on the Olt River and has a population of 38,020 as of 2010.

Although the city has become almost totally Romanian-populated through Saxon and Hungarian emigration, the diverse background is still obvious. The most important attraction points in the city are the fortress, Radu Negru High school, the Reformed Church and the local Catholic church.

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