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Tanah lot bali beach

Tanah lot bali beach - World Tourism times this will provide a review  Tanah Lot of attractions on the island of Bali. Bali is the most famous attractions of Indonesia country. Tanah lot bali beach One of them is located in the village of Tabanan District Beraban Kediri or rather 13km west of Tabanan. Here there is a temple called Pura Uluwatu is located on a large stone standing on the beach cliffs. It was said Pura Tanah lot bali beach, Bali is part of the heaven and Dang temple replica temple of the god of the sea, including marine guards in the area of ​​Bali.
Tanah lot bali beach
In the area around Tanah lot bali beach handicraft arts, there are some results of the local community. The inn also has ample parking and clean. In Tanah lot bali beach you can enjoy the beautiful sunset at around 17:00 to 18:00 AM. This can be more beautiful scenery to be enjoyed when you are standing on a cliff while enjoying food restaurants.
Tanah lot bali beach
The following is a schedule of ceremonies at Tanah lot bali beach:
-On the 16th of June to celebrate Saraswati holiday. Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge in Bali. This ceremony is celebrated with less to clean the castle castle around Tanah lot bali beach also decorate it.
-In June 4th is celebrated Purnama Sadha or commonly called the Full Moon in Bali. This month is considered good, so are hundreds of temples celebrate
-On June 5 Anggara Kasih Dukut known, or commonly known as Anggara Kliwon which is a good day for physical cleaning of each individual family. Usually they meditate and pray to god Ludra.
-On June 10, is a good day for them to clear the mind and the environment from negative home compound. They used to meditate and pray to Lord Shiva.
Tanah lot bali beach
If you have plans to vacation in Bali island, then do not miss a chance at Tanah lot bali beach. Because a lot of interesting things here that I can not mention one by one.
Tanah lot bali beach

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Sri Gethuk Waterfall, Grand Canyon of Yogyakarta

Exotic Grand Canyon in northern Arizona, the United States would no longer be denied. Grand Canyon is a natural formation of ravines and steep cliffs are decorated by the flow of the Colorado River. Name of the Grand Canyon and then spoofed into Green Canyon to name a tourist attraction in West Java are quite similar, the flow of the river that divides the high cliffs. Gunungkidul as an area that is often assumed to be dry and barren region was also similar to the beauty store, the green of the river which divides the canyon with a beautiful waterfall that never stops flowing in every season. The waterfall is known as Sri Gethuk Waterfall.

Based on a story that people believe, the waterfall is a storage place kethuk which is one of Jin's gamelan instruments Anggo Meduro. Therefore, it is called by the name of Sri Gethuk Waterfall. That said, at certain times of the Hamlet Menggoran gamelan is often heard coming from the direction of the waterfall. 
This waterfall can be reached for approximately two hours from the city of Yogyakarta. Initially, I thought that the way to the sights completely smooth. Apparently when entering the village Bleberan, poor road infrastructure and a bit rocky. However, all of it paid by the beauty of Sri Gethuk Waterfall.
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Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja is a district that is 300 km from the city of Makassar, Indonesia. This place has a very impressive natural scenery of granite stone, green rice fields and patches of mountain and burial complexes that can make chilling shudder. Now Tana Toraja is one of the tourist attraction in Indonesia, is inhabited by the Toraja tribe who live in mountainous areas and maintain a typical lifestyle and still show the original Austronesian lifestyle. But nowhere is this more exciting if we can travel here primarily to coincide funeral commonly called 'signs Tuka'.

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Fatahillah Museum / Museum of History of Jakarta / Batavia Museum

Fatahillah Museum / Museum of History of Jakarta / Batavia Museum is a museum of more than 1,300 square meters which is very historic and famous in his country. The museum is located at Jalan Taman Fatahillah No.. 2, Jakarta, Indonesia this was once a City Hall that was built in 1707-1710, then on March 30, 1974 was inaugurated as a museum Fatahillah.

Museum which contains the history of the city of Jakarta and Jakarta associated with this built in the style of the 17th century classic, with three floors and paint a yellow ground, door frames and windows of teak dark green.

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Maimun Palace

Maimun Palace is one of the famous tourist attractions in the country. This place is a palace with an area of ​​approximately 2772 m², and has 30 rooms. This palace has a beautiful and unique design, the mixing of the elements of the cultural heritage of Malay, Islam, Spain, India, and Italian styles.
The palace was built in 1887-1891 is located in Medan Maimun district, the city of Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

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Mendut Temple

Mendut Temple is one of the most famous Buddhist temples in the world besides the temple of Borobudur, especially for Buddhists. Mendut is the oldest of three Pawon and Borobudur temple. And restoration of this temple began in 1897 and completed in 1925.

Mendut a ninth century temple is located three kilometers east of Borobudur, precisely located in the village of Mendut, Mungkid district, Magelang regency, Indonesia.
At the time of full moon in May or June, Buddhists undergo Vesak annual ritual walk from Mendut Pawon past and ended through the Borobudur.

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National Monument

National Monument or called Monas is a very famous monument in Indonesia. Everyone in that State will be very aware about the monument on this one. It lies right in the middle of Merdeka Square, Jakarta. Monas becomes very important because it is a most important monument. Monument as high as 132 meters (433 feet) was built to commemorate the resistance and the Indonesian people's struggle to win independence from the colonial Dutch East Indies.

Construction of this monument began on August 17, 1961 under the orders of President Sukarno, and was opened to the public on July 12, 1975. Additionally Monas became famous for his top tip of the monument is crowned with flames form a coated sheet of gold which symbolizes the spirit of struggle burning. And now the monument became one tourist destination in Indonesia, both local and foreign tourists.

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Lake Toba

Lake Toba is a volcanic lake that became one of the most calm and quiet that can be visited by people. Lake with a length of 100 kilometers and 30 kilometers wide is located in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia. And is the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. In the middle of this lake there is a volcanic island called Samosir Island.

Lake Toba explosion occurred because about 73000-75000 years ago and an eruption (super volcano) the most recent.
Volcanic dust in the wind has spread to half the earth, from China to South Africa. The explosion occurred during a week and throw the dust up to 10 km above sea level.

But now Lake Toba was not terrible anymore, because now the lake has become one of the most interesting sights, especially in North Sumatra Indonesia, thus attracting local and foreign tourists.

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Timbulun Falls

Timbulun Falls is a tourist place not many tourists inside and outside the country know about it. But the actual ar falls very much at all to have a hidden beauty. Location of the waterfall is located in the village of East Painan, District IV Jurai, South Coastal District, Indonesia. The beauty of this waterfall is that it consists of several levels which have the form of waterfalls and different depths. This Timbulun upstream waterfall in the area of ​​Kerinci Seblat National Park and empties into the ocean or the bay Painan Indonesia.

At the first level waterfall, the waterfall is the first time we met so we arrive at the location Timbulun, here there is a rather large depths is and is good for bathing and swimming. At the second level waterfall, waterfall is somewhat sloped, the water fall where there is the beautiful depths of the cliff and base themselves is composed of rocks formed by nature. And the second level is the most commonly used for bathing and swimming, because the most beautiful scenery.
And on the third level, is an upright vertical waterfall about 15 meters, also has deep deep, and here slightly greenish water.

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Raja Ampat Islands

Raja Ampat Islands is one of the resorts are very potential to be a place tourism, especially diving tourism. Raja Ampat Islands located on the westernmost tip of New Guinea, about 50 miles northwest of Sorong, Indonesia.

According to some sources, the waters of Raja Ampat Islands is one of the 10 best waters for diving sites around the world. In fact, it may also be recognized as number one for the completeness of underwater flora and fauna at this point, even making the 75% of the world's coral species in Raja Ampat.
Approximately 450 species of coral had been identified during the two weeks of research in the area. Even a study ever undertaken here and recorded in these waters there are more than 540 hard coral species (75% of the total species in the world), more than 1,000 species of reef fish, 700 species of molluscs, and the highest record for gonodactyloid stomatopod crustaceans. And unique species that can be found at the diving is some kind of pigmy seahorse or kudalaut mini, wobbegong and manta ray. There are also endemic fish Raja Ampat, namely Eviota king, which is a kind of fish gobbie.

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Galang Island

Galang Island is an island that has an area of ​​approximately 80 km2, located 350 m (560 miles) southeast of Batam, Indonesia. Galang included in a series of three large islands connected by six bridges Barelang (abbreviation of Batam, Galang Rempang-).

The island is famous because of the Vietnamese refugee camps that occurred on a large scale in the year 1979 - 1996 and to the attention of the UN and the international parties. And at that moment there was a major administrative UNHCR office to run the Galang Refugee Camp, where many Vietnamese boat people and asylum seekers who temporarily accommodated during the determination of refugee status and their subsequent settlement in the United States, Australia and some European countries.

Now this Galang refugee camps become tourist attraction and historical city of Batam, because it is relatively close to the island of Batam (about 7 miles). In addition to this attraction, Galang island is also visited by many tourists on weekends because of Melur in the western coast of the island is quite beautiful.
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Jakarta Tower

Jakarta Tower is a new tower under construction in Indonesia, precisely in the capital Jakarta, at New Bandar Kemayoran area. The tower has a height of about 558 meters and is planned to be completed in 2012. And when the tower was completed later, the tower will be entered into the ranks of tallest buildings in the world. That would defeat the height of the towers of the world high, such as:

    * Canadian National Tower (553 meters), Toronto, Canada
    * Ostankino Tower (540 meters), Moscow, Russia
    * Oriental Pearl Tower (468 meters), Shanghai, China, and
    * Petronas Twin Towers (452 ​​meters), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Jakarta Tower will be built in an area of ​​306,810 square meters. The building itself will be an area of ​​40,550 square meters with a height of 558 meters. Has three legs that will rise to a height of 500 meters. Each cylindrical feet, 13.2 meters in diameter. Two of them contain each of the three lifts with a speed of 7 meters per second. The third leg of eight special elevators for visitors. In this building there are 10 units of elevators / lifts. To further stabilize it, stuck with the foundation of the tower 80 meters in diameter to depths of 58 meters below ground.

And the following facilities that will complement those of the Jakarta Tower:

    * The parking lot area of ​​144,000 square meters
    * House podium as high as 17 floors.
    * Lift to reach the top of the tower
    * Restaurant rotating
    * Big Mal
    * Cafe
    * Amusement park
    * Museum of the history of Indonesia
    * Hotel
    * Multi-purpose room / conference that can accommodate ten thousand visitors
    * Space-office space of 8000 square meters
    * Center exhibition
    * Center for education and training
    * Multimedia center with radio and television broadcast transmitters
    * Center for trade and business
    * Sports Center

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Sambisari Temple

Sambisari temple is a Hindu temple (Shiva) built in the 9th century in the reign of Rakai Garung at the time of the ancient kingdom of Mataram. This temple is located approximately 12 miles east of the city of Yogyakarta - Indonesia, approximately 4 miles before the Prambanan temple complex, and precisely this temple in the village Sambisari, Village Purwomartani, Kalasan district, Sleman regency.

This temple was discovered in 1966 by a farmer in the village of Sambisari who immortalized the name of the temple, and restored in 1986 by the Department of Antiquities. And in 1976 discovered gold inscription under one extolled in the main temple. The inscription is a 2 x 1 cm that reads om siwasthana meaning 'respect, home to the god Shiva'. In the courtyard of the temple also found a bronze statue measuring 29 cm high and 12 cm wide. This statue is a statue that is one of the bodhisattva Vajrapani.

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Parangtritis Beach

Parangtritis Beach is a fairly well-known attractions in Yogyakarta in addition to other objects such as Samas beach, Baron, Kukup, Krakal and Glagah. This place is exactly treletak in Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Parangtritis has a unique landscape that is not found in other tourist attractions besides the big waves are also the dunes are high around the coast, mountains of sand dunes called. Attractions and lodging facilities in markets that peddle souvenir Parangtritis. In addition there are the baths called machetes wedang said water in the baths can cure various diseases including skin diseases, water from these baths contain sulfur that comes from the mountains in the area. In Parangtritis there are also horse-drawn carriage or a horse that can be rented for up the coast from east to west.

And the myths that developed from local residents believe that a person shall not use green colored clothes when they're on this coast. Parangtritis become a major destination for tourists, especially on New Year's Eve Java (1 muharram / ​​Suro).

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