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The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a lake with some characteristics of a very strange and different from the others. The Dead Sea has only one main entrance to the River Jordan, the Dead Sea and the rainfall is very minimal and has no outlet to evaporation. The Dead Sea is located in the region between Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan Region. The Dead Sea is 417.5 m below sea level, and is the lowest point on Earth's surface, ie at 1,300 ft (400m) below sea level.

The lake is called the dead sea because there is no life form can survive in salt water. Dead Sea has the highest salt content of the ocean in the world. The salt content of about 32% compared to an average salinity of 3% on the Mediterranean Sea.

In the myths that developed, since the first material contained in the Dead Sea are known to have effects to beautify the skin. By rubbing mud into our bodies, minerals contained in them shown to improve the skin, blood circulation and can membantuk health. It has long been known by King Solomon, Cleopatra and Herod the Great, so they went to the Dead Sea to obtain these effects.
So if you want to get a skin and health as a Cleopatra, it never hurts to try to come to this place.

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Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is located in the western part of the country of Jordan and has a height of about 817 meters above sea level (2680 feet). From this mountain we can see the panorama towards the Promised Land, part of the Jordan River valley and one city in the West Bank, the Jericho. This panorama can generally look best when the weather is not foggy.

According to the Book of Deuteronomy, Mount Nebo is where Moses looked on toward the Promised Land because God did not allow her to go in there.

 In accordance with Jewish and Christian tradition, Mount Nebo is the final resting place of Prophet Moses. And believed this is where Moses was buried by God himself, although until now the grave is not found. There are believed also that from this place of Prophet Moses lifted up to heaven by God.

Right at the top of Mount Nebo, we can see Syagha, the rest of the Church and Monastery which was rediscovered in 1933. The church was originally built in the mid-4th century to commemorate the death of Moses. Models of the Church of the Basilica was designed with style. In the year 597 the Church was rebuilt and enlarged. The story of the Church at Mount Nebo contained in the record of a pilgrim woman called Aetharia than 394 years. There are six graves were found inside the church is covered by a mosaic floor of a beautiful Byzantine style.

On March 19, 2000, the Holy Father Pope John Paul II visited this place in a series peziarahannya to the Promised Land (Mount Nebo is one of the important Christian sites in Jordan). He planted an olive tree beside the church as a symbol of peace.

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World tourism will discuss about Petra. Petra is a city of historical archeology in Jordan is famous for its rock cut architecture and drainage systems. Petra became one of the UNESCO world heritage site since 1985. Petra has decreased dramatically under the leadership of Rome. In total 363 earthquake destroyed many buildings there.
The Monastery (Al Dier)

in december 2006 it has been reported that as many as 59,000 people in the two months October and November in 2006

The Hadrien Gate and the CardoMaximum in Petra  
The narrow passage (Siq) that leads to Petra
Sandstone Rock-cut tombs (Kokhim) in Petra
The end of the Siq, with its dramatic view of Al Khazneh ("The Treasury")

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