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Angel Waterfall

Waterfall Salto Angel or Angel is a free-falling waterfall the highest in the world with a height of 979 meters (3212 feet) with no barriers fall around 807 meters (2647 feet). This waterfall is located in the Rio Caroni, Canaima National Park, Venezuela.

 Although first seen in the early 20th century by the explorer Ernesto de Santa Cruz, the waterfall was not known officially the world until discovered by American aviator, James Crawford Angel in flight looking for the gold mine site. In 1936, James Angel returned and landed his plane near a waterfall. This waterfall is called "Waterfalls Angel" in memory of its discoverer, James Crawford Angel. Pemon Indians called this waterfall as "Auyan-tepui" ("Aiyan-tepui") which means "Mountain of Satan".

Official altitude is determined by the National Geographic Society in 1949. This waterfall is the most famous tourist attractions in Venezuela.

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