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Piazza del Duomo

Piazza del Duomo is an area or the main square, rectangular with an area of ​​17,000 m2 overall (about 183,000 Sq Ft) which is very famous in the world who are in Milan, Italy. This place is dominated by the Cathedral of Milan (Duomo) is very famous, such as the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore (Florence Cathedral) with a towering dome designed by Brunelleschi. The main building of Romanesque architectural style cathedral that was built starting in 1296 and completed in 1436. Piazza marks the center of the city, both in terms of geography and because of its importance in terms of artistic, cultural, and social perspective.
And the place that has been used as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is now one of the world tourist destination that is very popular.

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Rome - Italia

Rome is the capital of Italy, and at once the city's largest and most densely populated in Italy. Rome is located in west-central part of the Italian peninsula, on the River Tiber in the Lazio region of Italy. Rome is one of the most important cities in the world. In 2007, Rome is a city of the 11 most frequently visited in the world, no third most visited country in the European Union. So Rome has the most popular tourist attraction in Italy. Rome is also the historic center, with proven as one of the city listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Until now, Rome remained a world tourist destination. Monuments and museums like the Museum of the Vatican and the Colosseum is one of the 50 world's most visited tourist destination. Also in this city also contains many ancient sites, including the Forum Romanum, Trajan's Markets, Trajan Forum, Pantheon, and the iconic is the Colosseum, which is considered a wonder of the world. Besides Rome is also widely recognized as a world fashion capital. Although not as important as Milan, Rome is the fourth most important world center for fashion in the world.

So if you really love to travel, then I strongly advise you to come on holiday and tour the city of Rome. Because this city is one of the cities with the best architecture that must be visited.

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Firenze or Florence

Firenze or Florence is the capital of the province of Florence, Regione Toscana, central Italy, and a population of about 400,000 inhabitants. Florence is known as a center of cultural, economic and financial importance in Italy and Europe so nicknamed "Athens of the West". And in addition to the cultural center, Florence is a financial and trade district in the past marked by the emergence of banks and firms wool.

The city that was once the capital of Italy in the years 1865 - 1871 is much visited by foreign tourists. And one thing that makes tourists like to come here due to the amazing architecture of the Churches which stands majestically. One that you should not miss this city is the bridge of the Ponte Vecchio which is still 100% original. The city is also claimed as one of the cities with the best architecture in the world.

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Santa Maria delle Grazie

Santa Maria delle Grazie is a church and monastery is located in Milan, northern Italy which may have been less famous in the world, but if you know of a work that is in this church we will recognize and give special attention to this church. The work is a painting "Last Dinner" by Leonardo Da Vinci, who was in the monastery dining room wall. Painting "Last Dinner" was completed in 1498.
And now the building is one of the most historic buildings and walls and famous in the world. Thus included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage site.

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Fontana dell'Ovato or Fontana at Tivoli

Fontana dell'Ovato or Fontana at Tivoli is one of the most beautiful fountain which is owned by Italy. This fountain is located at the Villa d'Este, Tivoli, Italy. This fountain empties into the pond and then into the egg-shaped pool that is made in nymphaeum rusty. The design is created by Pirro Ligorio. And the whole Villa designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001 for its architectural beauty.

Villa itself surrounds three sides of a page that sixteenth-century Benedictine monastery located in the former. The fountain in the side wall, framed in a Doric, contains a statue of the nymph asleep in a cave guarded by d'Este heraldic eagles, with-relief framed in apple branch that connects the villa to the Garden of Hesperides. The main entrance leads into the center of Appartamento Vecchio ("Old Apartment") is made for Ippolito d'Este, with a vaulted ceiling frescoed in secular allegories by Livio Agresti and his students, centered on a large sala, with spectacular views to the main axis garden, which fell in a series of terraces.

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Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain is one of the famous and beautiful fountains in the world. This fountain is located in rione Trevi in Rome, Italy, and is the largest fountain in the Baroque city. The fountain stands as high as 26 meters (85.3 feet) and width 20 meters (65.6 feet).

Trevi Fountain has one of the most beautiful sculptures in Italy, namely the design of Neptune or Oceanus in the middle and two triton, one trying to tame a horse symbolizes the cruel sea, and the other one blowing shells symbolizing the quiet sea.

Ordered in 1732 by Clement XII and thirty years later his successor Clement XIII sanctified. Trevi Fountain and completed in 1762 by Giuseppe Pannini, who replaced the allegory is present for the statue is planned Agrippa and "Trivia", the Roman virgin.

The fountain has also been a background scene of a famous movie scenes in the movie "La Dolce Vita" made Fellini, Anita Ekberg bathed when late at night in this fountain. There is also a legend that says if you throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain, you will return to Rome.

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Abbey of Thelema

Abbey of Thelema is a small house located in Italy founded by Aleister Crowley. He is a writer, hedonist, and practicing some mystical beliefs. This place is now known to be one of the hideous sights in the world. Abbey of Thelema name taken from the motto "do as thou wilt" which roughly means to live not to stare at law or religion, but on the pleasures and personal desires. In addition to mystical practices, which became a bit creepy here is due to the death of Raoul Loveday, the wealthy English at Abbey. Now, this house is a bit neglected, even though there is still a good part of the house and keep the original. But even so this place is now known to be one of the hideous sights in the world.

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Airfare to Italy

Airfare to Italy. If you are looking to buy airfare from North America to Italy, there might be times when you would start thinking that airlines have gone crazy with the price of flight tickets, and that there are no cheap flights or discount offers available.  This is the time when some "lateral thinking", coupled with a bit of knowledge of European air fares, might help.

Indeed, if you are willing to sacrifice a bit of comfort and time to save money, you will be very pleased to know that European "no-frills" or "low-cost" airlines, such as easyJet and Ryanair, will take you from London to several destinations in Italy (Naples, Rome, Pisa, Bologna, Pescara, Forlì, Milano...) at times for less than US$ 30, and often for less than US$ 60.

One of the biggest expenses of any trip is the cost of an airline ticket – and, unfortunately, for many people visiting Italy from outside Europe, the cost is higher than you’d think it should be. You may have seen great bargain fares listed for flights to major European cities like Paris, London, or Amsterdam and assumed that flights to Rome or Milan would be similarly priced – but they’re usually not. For whatever reason (and there are many theories), flights to Italy from outside Europe almost always cost more than flights to other European cities.

But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your Italy trip. I mean, France and England are perfectly nice and all, but you won’t find Venice or the Roman Colosseum or The Last Supper anywhere else but Italy. You’ll just need to do a little more legwork to find the best prices on airfare to Italy.

Overall Tips for Finding Cheap Airfare to Italy

To get the best tips for finding cheap flights to Italy, your best bet is probably to look at the individual articles linked above for the specific city or cities you’re thinking of flying into. But these general tips will definitely help when you’re just starting to look at airline tickets to Italy, and they can also help you save money almost anywhere you go in the world.

   1. Visit Italy during the low season – Every tourist destination has high season prices and low season prices – and Italy is no different. While people will visit year-round, the period of time from late Spring through early Autumn is always busiest in Italy. If you can be flexible and plan your vacation for anytime other than the busy high season, you are much more likely to get a good deal on airfare. You can sometimes even find deals where you pay half of what you would pay during the high season, so even though you may not get gorgeous sunny weather it might be worth it to carry an umbrella or a scarf if you can save that much money.

   2. Fly into a different city in a different country – This trick can work in many cities in Europe, but it is almost a guarantee of lower prices when traveling to Italy (especially in the high season). By flying into another major European airport such as London or Paris and then booking a separate ticket with a European budget airline (such as Ryanair or easyJet) for the short hop into Italy you can sometimes save big money. This can take a bit more planning on your part because you are dealing with two round trip tickets that are basically unrelted in the airlines’ eyes, but if it can save you substantial amounts of money that could mean you have more money to spend on your Italian holiday.

   3. Find out what airlines use Italy’s airports as hubs – Sometimes if an airline has a busy schedule in and out of one airport it will offer specials or deals on airfare to that city. This is not always the case, but it can be worth checking. Both Alitalia (Italy’s national carrier) and Ryanair (one of Europe’s biggest budget airlines) have hubs at Rome Fiumicino Airport, and Alitalia also has a hub at Milan Malpensa Airport. for example.

   4. Schedule your flight to Italy for midweek – Weekend days are usually the busiest travel days because they are so popular with leisure travelers. Mondays can also be quite popular as they are popular with business travelers. So if you can book your flights for Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays you could save some money on your flight.

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Valdaro is not a strange place or a tourist, but here becomes a place that is interesting and remarkable. Because in this place was found there two early human fossils are hugging each other.

Pair of framework this warm embrace each other, making herasn everyone who sees it. Archaeologists estimate that this framework has been buried a pair of approximately 5000-6000 years in the underground! hugs for 5,000 years is not only surprising archaeologists, and even the world community. To maintain this style arms, scientists had not yet decided to separate the pieces of skeleton. "We will continue to maintain their stance as long as it is hugging each other." So said Irena Mannorti archaeologist who discovered a pair of this framework. After the skeleton was removed, scientists will investigate further to a pair of lovers who embrace each other is eternal. Furthermore, the framework will be stored in national museums of Italy.

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Mystery of the Leaning Tower of Pizza Italia

Leaning Tower of Pizza is located in a small town called Pisa, exactly three hundred and fifty miles north of Rome, the capital iItalia.

Pisa no different from small towns in Italy. The houses with typical architecture of Europe, lined on both sides of the road. Among the row of houses, there are shops and pizzerias, restaurants that specialize in serving pizza, Italian specialties, or gelateria, a place to enjoy Italian ice cream, which is famous for delicious.

But upon entering the gates of Santa Maria, then feel that this place is not the usual place. This gate has a wall of medieval architectural style. In front of him stretched the green grass field.
On top of this grass, stand three buildings of marble, Baptistery, Cathedral and Leaning Tower, the trio is a monumental building, built over three centuries. Piazza Dei Miracoli become a phenomenon in the history of Italian art. Fruit of sensitivity and taste the original, which was then called the Roman style of Pisa.

The first building is the Baptistery. Hemispheric-shaped building, the architect has experienced several changes during the construction process. Started in 1153 by architect Diotisalvi. Recently completed construction of the Baptistery in the late 13th century.

On the right there is the Cathedral Church Baptistery. This building was built in 1063, by Buscheto. In 1118, the church berasitektur Pisa, ordained by Pope Gelasius II.

The most prominent monument in Piazza Dei Miracoli, the Leaning Tower (Pisa / Pizza). The tower was built in 1173, by Bonanno.
When only reached the third floor, the construction of the tower of Pisa has to stop. This is caused by soil sediment resulting in the slope of the building.
Work on the building began again a century later, by Giovanni In Simone, who tried to fix the tower of the slope. Simone build a tower to complete the sixth floor. Cylindrical tower of Pisa. On each floor, the building is surrounded by pillars columns.
At its peak, there is a bell tower, built by Tommaso, in the mid-14th century. Seven bells in the spire, the sounds corresponding scales of seven notes.
To reach it, visitors must climb 294 steps, which surrounds the building. Hallway stairs are not too wide, just enough for two people. Because of skew, visitors feel the sensation, as if the body was tilted position.
Each year, the tower of Pisa grew slanting one millimeter. Then on January 6, 1990, the leaning tower was closed to the public. Since then, efforts to reduce the slope of the tower continues. The various methods tried, but not all succeed.
Tower of Pisa reopened to the public in November 2001. Since then, tourists do not stop visiting this monument. Especially in the summer, when tourists do not just admire the leaning tower, but also basking in the hot sun.

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Ponte Vecchio

View of the Ponte Vecchio at night
World tourism will discuss about the Ponte Vecchio. Ponte Vecchio is a medieval stone arched bridge located on the river arno Florence Italy. There are two Ponte Vecchio Ponte Santa Trinita and the alle Grazie Ponte. This bridge is believed to be the bridge was first built in the city of Rome. Beautiful views can be found here at night. Because of the very beautiful lights adorn the bridge.
Florence Ponte Vecchio bridge at night
Ponte Vecchio bridge, which first appeared from 1996. After finally destroyed by a flood in 1117 it was rebuilt in stone but the hanut for the second time in 1333 as noted by Giovanni Villani in a book called Nuova Cronica. Ponte Vecchio bridge was rebuilt in 1345, Giorgio Vasari recorded the tradition of his day.
View of the Ponte Vecchio from above
View from Michelangelo Park
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