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Aurora Borealis, Arctic

Aurora Borealis, The Northern Light is a light colored adorn the night sky around the northern polar regions such as Norway, Finland, Russia, and Canada. Elongated shape like a bow or a curtain-like space that lies in the extent of highway and sometimes even like scarves angels are dancing on Khayangan so there is a myth that states the Aurora as The Dance of the Spirits, aka the dance of the spirits in the world else there.

Aurora Borealis name derived from the name of the Roman god, the goddess of dawn and Aurora Boreas, the Greek god who controlled the north wind.

We can see the Aurora Borealis at night in the months change of seasons like the September-October and March-April.Aurora Borealis emitting a greenish tint and reddish tinge as the sun rising in the night.

There are several scientific theories about Aurora:
• Aurora Electrons originating from the light emitted by the sun.
(Kristian Birkeland, 1900)
• Aurora is the flow of radiation belt (Radiation Belt / leaky bucket theory)
(James Van Allen -1962)
• Aurora produced by the solar wind particles that carry the Earth
to the top of the atmosphere. 

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