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Don Juan Pond, Antarctica

Don Juan Pond is one of the best places in the world. This place is a place that has the highest salt content in the world. This place ahead of salinity the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is world famous for its salt content is very high.

Based on research, high salt content of sea water could be a medical therapy. No wonder that in many built near the Dead Sea spas for therapy, particularly health and beauty therapy. But it was not the terasin Dead Sea in the world.

Precisely Don Juan Pond, a lake with the highest salt content in the world. The comparison when juxtaposed with the sea in general, Don Juan Pond 18 times saltier than normal seawater, and when compared with the Dead Sea, the Don Juan Pond 8 times more salty.

This location is found by Lt.. Don Roe and Fl. John Hickey, in 1961, when they do research in Antarctica. The name of Don Juan Pond is also given by two researchers of this army, perhaps combining both names.

The temperature in the pool was like a general in the Antarctic region, is quite low, with lows can reach -30 degrees Celsius. But never until frozen like other places in Antarctica.

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