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Visiting Germany seemed not complete prior to visiting and seeing the beauty of the Heidelberg Castle. This magnificent palace is a symbol of the country's history, situated in the Neckar Valley. Therefore do not be surprised if the historic building was always a source of inspiration of the writers of scenarios, or a filmmaker, and author of the story. Inspired by ancient buildings, munculah big films or interesting article about his background, even romance romance by taking a castle setting.

 In the former castle of Electors Palatine buildings, there are some that look destroyed. According to some sources, the destruction of the fort at once the palace of high architectural value, it happened during a war with France. And the government still allow such a spectacle ruins visitors. As historical evidence, that the place was never a war between the two countries led by the king. It provided for the establishment of the castle as the anniversary of Heidelberg. The document was discovered first city in the year 1196 and 1225 known as the Heidelberg.

Heidelberg Castle is one of the many resorts in Germany the best known. Within a year of no less two million tourists visit the place. Heidelberg entered the territory of Baden Wuerttemberg. To reach the castle of Heidelberg, you need to go through 303 steps. Because of the cool air, when the number of hundreds that can not feel heavy.

After the fall of the castle, not perfect, if not taking the time to stop by the old bridge near Bismarckplatz. From the bridge which is under, the Castle looks elegant.

Other exciting places to become the pride of a city of 500,000 inhabitants is the Leipzig Zoo, Interstate War Monument, St. Thomas (museum Johann Sebastian Bach), the City History Museum, Gewandhaus Concert Hall, Opera, Lake Cospuden, Madlerpassage (the largest shopping center), Leipzig Trade Fair, the Constitutional Court, Clara-Zetkin Park, Karl-Heine Canal / City Water and Belantis. Various nicknames also carried Leipzig, the city of sports, arts and cultural center and economic powerhouse Germany in the Middle.

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