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Socotra, Yemen

Socotra, Republic of Yemen is the most bizarre and most unique in the world. Almost everything there looks weird, from the shape of the tree and its environment, it's no wonder many are calling Socotra in the Republic of Yemen as one of the alien nest in the world.

The place is very isolated, other dry climates than others. This anomaly may cause plant life or anything on there grew strangely. Call it a well-known plants such as the Dragon's Blood Tree is strange, very unusual shape, looks like an umbrella. This tree produces red sap.

There also exist animals native animals, like birds, spiders and other native animals. Not to mention the rocky reef as well, whose shape is not common and there is only on the island. With all the strangeness content of the island, do not be surprised if Socotra, an island at sea arab, entered in the Heritage of World Heritage.

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