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7 Beautiful Snow Country

Lots of countries have beautiful scenery due to snowfall in the country. And from about six dozen countries who feel the snow, there are 7 that have beautiful scenery due to snowfall.

Here are 7 Beautiful Snow Country:

1. Switzerland
Switzerland is one country in central Europe that has beautiful scenery. country that directly borders with Germany, France, Italy, and Austria was largely a region of the Alps are famous slopes keindahanya, and therefore would not be surprised if the Swiss have the best snow scenery in the world.

2. New Zealand
From the list of the best snow 1o this country, New Zealand is the only country in the hemisphere Yeng selatan.Negara islands in the Southwest Pacific Ocean west has the natural beauty of the mountains is very unusual

3. Alaska (USA Territory)
In this case, Alaska is considered as a state. This is because Alaska is a state of the United States are located separately from the state Parent. from all states of the United serikta, Alaska is a state that pick the most beautiful natural scenery of snow.

4. Canada
State stretching from the Atlantic and Davis Strait to the Pacific Ocean is the American country located on the most utara.Di Canadian prairies and plains of the province of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, spread toward the Rocky Mountains will turn into snow paradise in the winter because so beautifully.

5. French
Although France is one of the countries in Western Europe, but France is one of the countries traversed by the trajectory of the Alps. I wonder if pemandanganya beautiful, especially if coupled with views of mount Blanc mountain in the southern coast of Western Europe, it will further add to the beauty of natural scenery Prencis.

6. Norway
It is not wrong if Norway has the most beautiful snow scene, This is because the location of the state in Norway and the Scandinavian peninsula directly adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. Norway is a country that is mountainous and mostly covered by glaciers.

7. Iceland
Iceland is a country that partially covered by snow ice, by the state because it is dinama Iceland or Iceland (land of Ice). Neagara adjacent to Greenland is located in the northern Atlantic Ocean.

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