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Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom

Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom is one tourist destination in Singapore, precisely located in Sentosa Island. Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom is a large reserve of varieties of butterflies and insects. Visitors can see very closely with thousands of live butterflies from more than 50 species. This place is visited by many local and foreign tourists, the environment, students and nature lovers all year round. The location is regarded as one of the best cold out several conservatories in the world. You can watch the blossoming of new life butterfly cocoons live in the house.

In addition to the butterflies you will find as many as 3,000 species of the world's most beautiful and rare of rare insects. These insects include the largest Dynastes Hercules beetle. The only of its kind in Singapore and throughout the region, the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom contains pages outside the main exhibition space, where you can find a panel of colorful sketches and photographs of the life cycle of the butterfly pull.

Aviary containing more than 2,500 free-flying butterflies and some 3,000 species of insects in the world's most rare. The main attraction at the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom is the firefly. It was dark in the daytime so you can enjoy the light of fireflies.

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