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The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a lake that ran in the region between Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan Region. At 417.5 m below sea level, the lowest point on Earth's surface. Dead Sea lies on the border between Jordan and the western part of Palestine, the Dead Sea has the lowest point on earth at 1,300 ft (400m) below sea level.

Geologically dead sea formed three million years ago when small cracks arise in the Jordan Valley where the riff came in and collected sea water, dry climate and high evaporation increases the concentration of minerals in the water. Salt, lime and gypsum present in all these cracks and form lakes with highest salt content.

 The lake is called the dead sea because there is no life form can survive in salt water. Dead Sea has the highest salt content of the ocean in the world. The salt content of about 32% compared to an average salinity of 3% on the Mediterranean Sea. Since the first material contained in the Dead Sea are known to have effects to beautify the skin. By applying this mud to the body, minerals contained in them shown to improve the skin, blood circulation and can membantuk health. It has long been known by King Solomon, Cleopatra and Herod the Great, so they went to the Dead Sea to obtain these effects.

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