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Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle is a castle located in Himeji city, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Enchanting beauty of the white stucco walls of the palace dominates the Himeji Castle has made another name for "white egret bird palace". Himeji Castle is one example of architectural heritage palace from the beginning of the 17th century's most important.

Himeji Castle was always a fire escape from the danger of war and survived the fall of the palace in the hands of the enemy, so the main tower and other buildings of the palace is still much left. The Japanese government set eight buildings, including the main towers, turrets, and Watari-Yagura is in the palace complex as a state heritage. In addition, the manifold building with a total of 74 buildings inside the palace complex (27 buildings Yagura / Watari-Yagura, building 15 gates, 32 building wall) designated as important cultural heritage.

Himeji Castle is rated as the world's cultural heritage is very precious, so that in 1993 UNESCO put Himeji Castle to the list of World Heritage Sites in the category of cultural heritage.

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