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Salt Cathedral is the most beautiful underground church in the world. Salt Cathedral is a cathedral that was built underground in a salt mine tunnels, located in Colombia. The Cathedral was put into use in 1954. Zipaquirá salt deposits formed 200 million years ago, during which there is a sea level rise during the third and final time when the Andes Mountains formed. The mine is formed during an era in the days before Muisca the Spaniards came to America. Years before the first cathedral was built, miners have built a place of worship.

In 1950 began the construction of larger buildings, the Cathedral of Salt, inaugurated in 1954. Because of this cathedral carved in the quarry then the problem of structure and security became the main thing that makes local authorities closed the place this year 1991 1990Tahun begins construction of new Cathedral, 200 feet deeper than the previous one. The new cathedral was inaugurated in 1995 with a variety of corridors and places of worship are built with a little extra meaning to the cave located behind where previous mining.

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