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Edinburgh is the capital and second largest city in Scotland. The city has a population of about 450,000 souls (2002). The city is located on the east coast lowlands of central Scotland. This city has become the capital of Scotland since 1437 and is home to the Scottish Executive.

Edinburgh is known as the annual Edinburgh Festival, the largest arts festival in the world pertujukan, and also the Hogmanay street party. At this festival the city's population doubled. The city is one of the world tourist destination, attracting 13 million visitors each year.

Background of Edinburgh is inseparable from its history, starting from the Edinburgh Castle was first built on a volcano by Michael Canmore (1057-93). Today the palace is one of the historic building that is always packed with tourists every year, not only because the building is beautiful but its location at the top of the mountain which gave a very impressive sight.

Across the park at the foot hill of solid rock and on it fester elegant Edinburgh castle was sensation in the morning. Parents, youth, and children sitting on a park bench decorated with thousands of colorful flowering plants. Being in Edinburgh, such as into a vortex of time aristocratic past greatness. Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood palace of the king, royal museums, Calton Hill is a long history of the iconic old town's nobility.

Traversing the streets of the ancient city with unique architecture of this building, like a cross to the passage of time in the 1700s, even behind him. Edinburgh does have a lot of things to see. The greatness of his past is just one dimension of Edinburgh tourist attraction. Meanwhile, the beauty of the city landscape with a variety of old buildings built more than four centuries and then complete the other side of the central city renown Scottish government and business.

Other destinations can be visited is the Calton Hill, a small hill at the east end of the road. At the top of Calton Hill. Among the dozens of poles built the Parthenon replica of the 19th century, can be seen scenery so beautiful. The city is like a post-card of life stored in memory directly. On the left side, the hills of Arthur's Seat while not breaking escort. In front, the building Edinburgh castle stands proudly behind the Balmoral Hotel clock tower, Nelson monuments, and buildings observations. On the sidelines of the ancient buildings, it is difficult to find buildings of modern architecture.

Edinburgh Castle, of course not be forgotten. Buildings in Medieval times previously to function as military barracks, now a British armed forces headquarters for the Scottish division. Jewel encrusted crown used at the coronation of Scottish kings of the past, now a tourist displays many weird look. From this place, cannon fire directed at Princess Street became a daily ritual that many tourists awaited.

King's Palace of Holyroodhouse on the east side of town so grand. Beautiful whitewashed building was founded as a place to live James IV royal family. This elegant palace was once a lovely place to live Queen of Scots, Mary, Queen Victoria and Prince Charlie. Inside the palace is now opened for tourism activities have a gallery filled with portraits of Charles II and grandparents ancestors. As a souvenir, take time at the souvenir booth at the front corner of the palace.

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