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Jakarta Tower

Jakarta Tower is a new tower under construction in Indonesia, precisely in the capital Jakarta, at New Bandar Kemayoran area. The tower has a height of about 558 meters and is planned to be completed in 2012. And when the tower was completed later, the tower will be entered into the ranks of tallest buildings in the world. That would defeat the height of the towers of the world high, such as:

    * Canadian National Tower (553 meters), Toronto, Canada
    * Ostankino Tower (540 meters), Moscow, Russia
    * Oriental Pearl Tower (468 meters), Shanghai, China, and
    * Petronas Twin Towers (452 ​​meters), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Jakarta Tower will be built in an area of ​​306,810 square meters. The building itself will be an area of ​​40,550 square meters with a height of 558 meters. Has three legs that will rise to a height of 500 meters. Each cylindrical feet, 13.2 meters in diameter. Two of them contain each of the three lifts with a speed of 7 meters per second. The third leg of eight special elevators for visitors. In this building there are 10 units of elevators / lifts. To further stabilize it, stuck with the foundation of the tower 80 meters in diameter to depths of 58 meters below ground.

And the following facilities that will complement those of the Jakarta Tower:

    * The parking lot area of ​​144,000 square meters
    * House podium as high as 17 floors.
    * Lift to reach the top of the tower
    * Restaurant rotating
    * Big Mal
    * Cafe
    * Amusement park
    * Museum of the history of Indonesia
    * Hotel
    * Multi-purpose room / conference that can accommodate ten thousand visitors
    * Space-office space of 8000 square meters
    * Center exhibition
    * Center for education and training
    * Multimedia center with radio and television broadcast transmitters
    * Center for trade and business
    * Sports Center

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