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Nami Island - The Island of Beautiful and Romantic

Nami Island is located in the city of Chuncheon-si, Gwangwon-do Province, South Korea. With a bus ride from Seoul, this tiny island could be reached for 1.5 hours until arriving at Pier Gapyeong. The journey then spliced ​​with the ferry, crossed the Han River for 10 minutes.
Nami island formed by the true construction of the Lake Cheongpyeong (1943), which makes it separate from the mainland.

When autumn comes, the island will feel very beautiful and really romantic. The leaves on the trees turn color to yellow, brown, and red. In some locations, the trees are so high reaching the sky is embedded neatly shaded paths. The trees were lined up so straight as when planted with the help of a ruler.

Since six years ago until now, that this simple island flooded local and foreign tourists. All this thanks to a phenomenal love drama titled Winter Sonata (Gyeoul yeonga, 2002), a crazy young people in various countries in Asia. KBS television show soap opera that takes Nami Island as a backdrop for several scenes of romantic couples Kang Jun-sang (Bae Yong-jun) and Jung Yu-jin (Choi Ji-woo). And since it's soap opera craze in Korea and other countries in Asia, Nami Island became a favorite tourist destination. Tourists who visited Nami Island was none other than a pilgrimage destination for style love Winter Sonata.

One popular locations, namely the long sandy road on the shores of lake shaded by birch trees. That's where the scene Jun-mate while riding a lift Yu-jin, who spread his hands as he closed his eyes enjoying the moment. And other popular locations, namely around the lake, where there is a bench and picnic table decorated with two stuffed fake snow. In the soap opera, Jun-sang and Yu-jin sitting together on the bench while making a snowman.

Choi Jung-eun, Nami Island staff member, said tourists at Nami had only about 200,000 per year. Since fever Winter Sonata so far, excursions in Nami jumped 1.6 million per year, 200,000 of them foreign tourists. The management also retain the interest of tourists to diligently organize various art performances at Nami.

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