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Statue of the Mermaid - Arria

Statue of the Mermaid - Arria. Scottish town of Cumbernauld has recently become very famous among tourist, because in this place there is a beautiful mermaid statue guards the entrance into the city.

This statue is very beautiful and charming. Made entirely of metal and depict a mermaid four who had 4 beautiful hand, with both hands stretched out, as if protecting the city, and two others picked up the name of tail. Mermaid named Arria and it was designed by famed British sculptor Andy Scott. The cost to make this statue reaches up to approximately $ 400,000.

But the real beauty of the spectacle that begins in the evening. This statue is a statue of a rig features colored lights and all the lights, put Arria in "light" new. And local governments will expect mermaid luck and charm to the city.

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