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Tokyo is the capital of Japan as well as densely populated areas in Japan, as well as the largest metropolitan areas in the world based on total population (33.75 million in urban and surrounding areas).

About 12 million people living in Tokyo and hundreds of thousands die every day away from the surrounding area to work and do business in Tokyo. Tokyo is the center of political, economic, cultural and academic in Japan and the Japanese emperor's residence and seat of state government, and is a major business and financial center for the entire East Asia.

Tokyo has far fewer skyscrapers than any other city of its size due to construction regulations earthquakes. Buildings in Tokyo consists mostly of low-level apartment (6 up to 10 floors) and the cramped family home. Tokyo is also the location of the most complex mass transportation system in the world, and renowned for its hours of busy crowded.

It turns out that all the Tokyo saved behind a mystery that you should know. It began when Japanese researcher, Shun Akiba find an old map of the Tokyo tunnel system that is incompatible with the existing map. Since then she has found irregularities in the six historical maps and other records about space-room tunnel degan tersembunyi.termasuk some hidden room architectural design that we know as Ninja .. And walls that can turn around themselves.

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