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Atlantis Marine Park

Atlantis Marine Park is a very attractive tourist place to visit. This place is also often used as a place to take pictures that good. Atlantis Marine Park was built in 1981 at Two Rocks, Mexico City, Mexico.

In this place there is a large statue, the statue of King Neptune (Poseidon). Besides the statue of King Neptune, a good impression of the park is Dolphin Statue (Statue of Dolphins). There were also a building like the star that reads "Two Rocks Sea Rescue".

In addition it was, in this place also spread a lot of statues, among them:
* The statue, created by Marc Le Buse
* A statue, dubbed with the name of Charlie Chaplin Statue
* The statue that looked more like a Balinese style
* The statue, apparently of Icarus, of Greek Mythology

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