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Merlion Statue

Merlion statue is one of Singapore's main tourist attractions are visited by many local and foreign tourists. Merlion statue itself is a symbol of Singapore.

There are five official Merlion approved by the Singapore Tourism Board, two at the Merlion Park (the work of sculptor Lim Nang Seng, finished 1972), a smaller Merlion and the other is the main Merlion.

Merlion include:

Large statue with a height of 37 meters on the island of Sentosa
The statue with a height of 3 meters at the Tourism Court near Grange Road.
The statue with a height of 3 meters at Mount Faber Point.

The first statue size with a height of 8.6 meters and weighing 70 tonnes, the Merlion Statue is constructed of a mixture of cement by the late Singapore craftsman, Mr. Lim Nang Seng. Merlion Statue of a second, smaller, measuring 2 meters high and weighing three tonnes was also built by Mr. Lim. The body was made of cement fondue, the skin from porcelain plates and eyes from small tea cups colored merah.Merlion here is a very favorite visited, because here Merlion water out of his mouth and also very strategic location, very well suited for Icon Singapore. At this location also has provided a place or square to capture the image if the country ever to this lion. Moreover, there are also opposite view from the Esplanade and buildings skyscraper lain.Setiap tourists coming to Singapore must be vying for photos around the Statue of the Merlion. In this place there are many great object to be photographed as a memento. From around here a lot of landmarks to be photographed, among others: a view of Marina Bay, including landmarks like The Fullerton and Esplanade building, often called the building a fly's eye or durian.

Origin of name Merlion was first due to the sea or the tiger itself is the lion-headed statue with a body like a fish. His name is a combination of mermaids and lions. The Merlion was designed by Fraser Brunner for the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in 1964 and used as its logo until 1997.

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