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Sentosa Monorail

Sentosa Monorail is a monorail system that serves as the primary means of transportation on the island of Sentosa, Singapore, which will make the shift mempermdah you in one place to another place. The system was built at a cost of S $ 14 million by Von Roll of Switzerland, who also built the Singapore Cable Car. The system is also quite comfortable and nice, because it has air conditioning and panoramic views from the monorail.

Monorail was first opened to the public in February 1982. The trip was free for passengers who can ride the system as often as they want during their stay on the island. Sentosa Monorail then ceased operations on March 16, 2005 to make way for four new Sentosa Express monorail stations. Some of the monorail station has been repurposed for other purposes, such as "Surrender Room" at Fort Siloso, a restaurant being developed at the Gateway and the station as the central coast of Sentosa Nature Walk where the monorail track is now used as an elevated road.

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