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Timbulun Falls

Timbulun Falls is a tourist place not many tourists inside and outside the country know about it. But the actual ar falls very much at all to have a hidden beauty. Location of the waterfall is located in the village of East Painan, District IV Jurai, South Coastal District, Indonesia. The beauty of this waterfall is that it consists of several levels which have the form of waterfalls and different depths. This Timbulun upstream waterfall in the area of ​​Kerinci Seblat National Park and empties into the ocean or the bay Painan Indonesia.

At the first level waterfall, the waterfall is the first time we met so we arrive at the location Timbulun, here there is a rather large depths is and is good for bathing and swimming. At the second level waterfall, waterfall is somewhat sloped, the water fall where there is the beautiful depths of the cliff and base themselves is composed of rocks formed by nature. And the second level is the most commonly used for bathing and swimming, because the most beautiful scenery.
And on the third level, is an upright vertical waterfall about 15 meters, also has deep deep, and here slightly greenish water.

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