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The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall is a wall that is very historic and famous in the world, which was established on August 13, 1961 by East Germany's communist government under the leadership of Walter Ulbricht. And this wall is made ​​of concrete barrier built by the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) which separated West Berlin and East Berlin and other eastern German regions, making an enclave of West Berlin.

The history of the construction of this wall is due in 1949 to 1961 was more than 2 million people fled East Germany through Berlin. Thus making the East German economy into oversized, because most people who are young who escaped. So secretly and suddenly the wall was built.

In November 2009 this is a celebration of 20 years end of the rule "strong" this dividing wall. And now the wall is known as one of the very historic walls that once existed in the world.

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