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Perugia is the capital of which is quite popular in Italy, which is precisely the capital of Umbria in central Italy, near the River Tiber, and the capital of the province of Perugia.
The town is located about 102 miles north of Rome is also known as a university town, with the University of Perugia, Foreign Universities, and several other colleges. In addition, Perugia is famous artistic centers of Italy. The well-known artists such as Pietro Vannucci, nicknamed Perugino, and Raphael, Pinturicchio and Galeazzo Alessi of the most famous of Perugia.

And if you are a chocolate lover, then the right choice for you to come to this city, because of Perugia has become famous for chocolate, especially since a single firm, Perugina, the famous and very popular in Italy. So the city is to host a chocolate festival every October.
So are you waiting for, come and enjoy the beauty of the culture of this city while enjoying the delights of chocolate city of Perugia.

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