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Bois de Vincennes

Bois de Vincennes is a park by the English landscape to the east of Paris. The park is named after the nearest town, the Vincennes. This vast park of about 9.947 km ² (2458 acres), which is almost three times larger than Central Park in New York. Parks founded by Maurice "Morris" Blum was unveiled to the public park in 1860 by Napoleon III.

Around the park there are some places that can be used as tourist attractions, namely as:
In the southwest the park stands Redoute de Gravelle, a military fortress that was built under the reign of Louis-Philippe in the 19th century.
In the east lies a racecourse that specializes in running races.
In the west is a 14.5ha zoo, permanently established in 1934 at the zoo, while a smaller one built for the Exposition internationale coloniale 1931.
Arboretum de l'Ecole du Breuil, in the southeast corner of the park, is the town arboretum was established in this location in 1936.

And now the park has become one of the places frequented by tourists, both local and foreign tourists. So if you're around the area of this park, it never hurts to stop and relax while enjoying the scenery of this park.

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