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Centre Georges Pompidou

Centre Georges Pompidou, also known as (English) "Pompidou Centre" is a complex in the Beaubourg area of the 4th arrondissement in Paris, which is the largest museum for modern art in Europe, and IRCAM, a center for music and acoustic research. Buildings constructed during the period 1971 - 1977 is located at the Centre Georges Pompidou, and known locally as Beaubourg. The name was taken from the Georges Pompidou, French president who served during the period 1969 to 1974. This building was opened to the public on December 31, 1977.

Here there are many art collections that include Matisse, Miró, Picasso and Kandinsky as well as other collections include decorative arts, history, industry, literature, furniture, paintings, photography, sculpture and architecture.

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