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Palace of Bargello

Palace of Bargello, also known as the Palazzo del Popolo (People's Palace) is a very famous museum. Museum which was once a barracks and prison is now a museum of art a very famous castle, located in areas with narrow streets and winding road near the Palazzo Vecchio, in Florence, Italy. This place officially became a museum that is when the Holy Roman Emperor Peter Leopold was exiled, and emergency Governor of Tuscany decided that the Bargello should no longer be a prison, and it later became a national museum, was opened as a national museum precisely in 1865.

And now the Bargello much visited by tourists, both local and foreign tourists. They come here to enjoy the cultural history and the collections of the museum. This museum displays the largest collection of Italian Gothic and Renaissance sculptures (14-17 century). And other collections include Donatello David and St. George Tabernacle, Vincenzo Gemito the Pescatore ("fisherboy"), Jacopo Sansovino's Bacco, Giambologna in L'Architettura and Mercurio. Benvenuto Cellini is represented by a bronze statue of Cosimo I. The museum also has a fine collection of ceramics (maiolica), textiles, carpets, ivory, silver, old coins and armours.

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