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Parc des Buttes Chaumont

Parc des Buttes Chaumont is a very popular public park in Paris. The park is located in the 19th arrondissement in Paris, France This is the third largest park of its kind in Paris, which includes more than 5 kilometers of roads and streets.

Now the park is visited by many tourists, both from the domestic and overseas. Because here the tourists can enjoy some of the beauty of attractions, such as the following:
The main features and the most prominent is the corridor Sybil, who sits on the rocky peak of 30 feet above an island partially surrounded by lakes. Corridor, is added to the park in 1869, is a monument Corinthian style, modeled after the ancient Roman Temple of Vesta in Tivoli, Italy.
Then 63-meter-high suspension bridge, which crosses the lake and allow access to the island. And a bridge 22 meters high, known as "suicide bridge", allowing access to the corridor from the south side of the park.
Park also offers many kinds of native and exotic trees (many species of Asia): in particular, some of the cedars of Lebanon planted in 1880, the Himalayan cedar, Ginko Biloba, Byzantine hazelnuts, Siberian elm, European Hollies, and bamboo-leaved prickly ash, between other lots.
In addition, as part of the scheme city-wide wireless Internet access, the park has activated four wi-fi zone.

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