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Killer Lake Cameroon

This Killer Lake Cameroon actually has very beautiful scenery. But the events that occurred in 1986, some people are reluctant to come to this place. Even for the incident people call this a Killer Lake Cameroon. Then or in 1986, an explosion of CO2 from Nyos Killer Lake Cameroon, killing 1700 people of Western as well as thousands of cattle. Radius of the blast range of Co2 is toxic to 25 kilometers. 

Co2 dissolve seeping from springs beneath the lake and caught in deep water with high hydrostatic pressure. If the CO2 saturation level is reached, bubbles appear and attract a rich mixture of gas and water. A process as claimed overall landslide triggering events that occurred in 1986. Since 1990, the French team has conducted a series of tests in an attempt to release the gas slowly through a vertical pipe. 

Nyos Killer Lake Cameroon is a murderer or a crater lake in the northwest area of ​​Cameroon, located 322 kilometers west of the Sea of ​​Yaounde. Nyos Killer Lake Cameroon is high on the active side of a volcano in the Oku Volcanic mainland, along the Cameroon line of volcanic activity. A water-filled volcanic lake dam.

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