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Eye of Africa

Eye of Africa - World Tourism will discuss about the Eye of Africa. Some people call him Richat structure, which is dubbed as the Sahara and Guelb er eyes Richat, Eye of Africa is having a circular shape that stands out is located in the Sahara desert in the middle of Mauritania is not much Ouadane.

Eye of Africa has been deeply eroded structure, looking slightly elliptical with a diameter ranging from 40-km, shaped dome. Composed of sedimentary rocks are exposed to some scraping on the central dome Late Proterozoic to Ordovician age rocks and sand is located around ujunggnya. some sedimentary rocks derived from these structures dip outward at 10 ° -20 °. Differential erosion-resistant layer of quartzite has created a high-relief circular cuestas. Eye center of Africa consists of siliceous breccia area having a diameter of at least 3 km.

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