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Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon - World Tourism will discuss about the Antelope Canyon. Antelope Canyon was first opened in 1997, and the Navajo tribe for a Navajo Tribal Park. Which is one source of tourism business for the Navajo Nation. Probably for fans of photography you are obliged to visit this place. It has superb views to your photo collection. Some people call Antelope Canyon as bighánílíní Tse, which is where the water flows through the rock.
Antelope Canyon most frequently visited by tourists the world, because it has two keistemewaan. First, its entrance and entire length are at ground level, and does not require a climb to get to. Second, beam or shaft of direct sunlight radiating down from openings in the top of the canyon so much more common in Upper than in Lower. On the beam is most common in summer months, because it requires the sun to be high in the sky. Winter colors are a bit more muted like the photo shown here. Summer months provide two types of lighting. Beams of light began to peer into the canyon March 15 and disappear October 7 each year.
Some people call Hazdistazí which is lower Antelope Canyon, or a spiral rock arches. Prior to installation of metal stairs, visiting the canyon required climbing stairs along the pre-installed in certain areas. Despite these limitations, Lower Antelope Canyon a lot of interesting a large number of photographers, though casual travelers are far less common there than at the top. Antelope Canyon visited exclusively through the tour, partly because of rain during the rainy season can quickly overwhelm the canyon.

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