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The Big Hole

The Big Hole - World Tourism will discuss about the The Big Hole. Maybe you do not believe this when you first see it. Yes, all this does not seem real and looks like a computer trick. But this is true, The Big Hole Kimberley Mine which is located in an underground mine located in Kimberley, South Africa, and claimed to be the biggest hole dug by hand.
The Big Hole is currently trying to register as a World Heritage Site.  The Big Hole has a surface area of ​​17 hectares or about 42 hectares and 463 meters or approximately 1519 feet wide. From July 1871 until mid-1914 up to 50,000 miners dug the hole with picks and shovels, yielding 2720 kilograms of diamonds. It was excavated to a depth of 240 meters or about 790 feet, but then partially infilled with debris reducing the depth of about 215 meters or about 705 feet.
Since then it has accumulated about 40 meters or about 130 ft of water, leaving the 175 meters, or about 574 feet from the hole visible. After the operation on the ground became too dangerous and unproductive, the kimberlite pipes of the Kimberley Mine also mined underground by Cecil Rhodes' De Beers company to a depth of 1097 meters or approximately 3599 feet. Large companies have been subsequently worked in the  The Big Hole up to a depth of 215 meters, with a surface area of about 17 acres, and circumference of 1.6 kilometers.

Based on the idea of ​​creating "a lasting legacy for the people of Kimberley." Between 2002 and 2005, De Beers invested R50 million in developing the  The Big Hole into a world-class tourism facilities, new facilities, Kimberley  The Big Hole , outlining a theme 'Diamonds and Destiny', is expected to double the number of visitors to the  The Big Hole .

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Eye of Africa

Eye of Africa - World Tourism will discuss about the Eye of Africa. Some people call him Richat structure, which is dubbed as the Sahara and Guelb er eyes Richat, Eye of Africa is having a circular shape that stands out is located in the Sahara desert in the middle of Mauritania is not much Ouadane.

Eye of Africa has been deeply eroded structure, looking slightly elliptical with a diameter ranging from 40-km, shaped dome. Composed of sedimentary rocks are exposed to some scraping on the central dome Late Proterozoic to Ordovician age rocks and sand is located around ujunggnya. some sedimentary rocks derived from these structures dip outward at 10 ° -20 °. Differential erosion-resistant layer of quartzite has created a high-relief circular cuestas. Eye center of Africa consists of siliceous breccia area having a diameter of at least 3 km.

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Farafra White Desert

Farafra White Desert - World Tourism will discuss about the White Desert Farafra attraction which houses the second largest in size when viewed from the west which is located in the Egyptian city that has the smallest enduduk there, near latitude 27.06 ° North and longitude 27, 97 ° east. White Desert Farafra is located in Egypt's Western Desert, approximately mid-way between Dakhla and Bahariya.

White Desert Farafra has 5,000 inhabitants counted in 2002, especially for people living in the White Desert and the Farafra city mostly inhabited by local tribes, the Bedouin tribes. Traditional architecture of part of a fairly complete, simple, smooth, no-frills, all from the color of mud. The pride of local tourism efforts to secure a guaranteed local culture. Also located near Farafra White Desert hot springs are located in the Bir Sitta and El-Mufid lake.

A main geographic attraction White Desert Farafra is its White Desert, also known as Sahara el Beyda, with another name which means the Sahara desert. White Desert of Egypt is located 45 km or about 28 miles from the northern town of Farafra White Desert. Desert that has color, creamy white and has a large limestone formations made ​​of the result of occasional sandstorms in the area. White Desert Farafra is the typical tourist attractions visited by several schools in Egypt, as the location for a camping trip school students there.

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