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Luxor is a modern city located on both east and west banks of the Nile in northern Egypt. Built in the former location of Thebes, the capital of the famous ancient Egyptian (2052 BC). Pharaoh kings reigned here, creating a civilization that the world has never seen before.

In Luxor there are many historical sites such as ancient Egyptian monuments lies, the ruins of temples and tombs as well as the largest outdoor museum. Tourism becomes a mainstay of the economy of Luxor residents.

Desert lands of the west in the past known as the "city of death" means the place where all the successors god Amun was buried along with the wealth that can be brought into eternal life (according to their beliefs). Keep records of art collections and archaeological records of ancient Egypt are plentiful, some even traced back to 3000 BC. Recent excavations carried out over a small tomb of Pharaoh, Tutankhamun, filled with gold jewelry, sculpture and securities.

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