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Red sea

Red Sea is a bay in the west of the Arabian Peninsula that separates the continents of Asia with Africa. Path to the sea in the south through Babul Mandib and Gulf of Aden while in the north are the Sinai Peninsula and the Suez Canal. This sea where widest is 300 km and a length of 1,900 km with its deepest point 2500 m.

Scientific explanations say that the red color on the surface appears due to a growing Trichodesmium erythraeum. There is also explaining that the name comes from the mineral-rich mountains around it and red. Red Sea water itself is not different from the other sea water.

Red Sea becomes a tale of yore when Moses parted the Red Sea with his staff at the time of Prophet Moses and his followers the Israelites fled from the pursuit of Pharaoh. Suez Canal connects the Red Sea (Egypt) to the Mediterranean Sea. Red Sea have biodiversity, coral reefs, atolls and salinity (salt content) is high. Although many dangerous species in the Red Sea, but did not dampen the divers to enjoy its beauty.

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