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Dragon Blood Tree

Dragon Blood tree is a plant that is very unique, because this tree does not like trees usually. This tree produces blood-red sap, the sap out of the trunk, and the sap was touted as the dragon's blood. Dragon's blood has been used as medicine and perwarna since the 1st century by the ancient Roman society, ancient Greek, and Arabic. Then, around the 18th century, used as a varnish for violins in Italy. Today, dragon's blood is still used as a varnish violin and used in the photographic process.

Dragon Blood Tree is a unique and original trees of Socotra Islands, Yemen. Latin name is Dracaena cinnabari tree, it's just better known by the name Dragon's Blood Tree (Tree Dragon Blood). Dragon's blood tree was named by Professor Isaac Bayley Balfour in 1880. The tree is shaped like a mushroom or umbrella, leaves shaped like a sword, hard, and clustered on the tree.

And Another uniqueness of this tree is because it only grows in dry areas and life can reach more than 300 years. The island of Socotra dragon's blood tree this was related to Dracaena draco from Canary Islands, Spain. In the place of origin, also called debagai Dracaena draco dragon's blood tree.

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