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Morning Glory

Morning Glory is a tourist attraction Outdoor hot water in the Upper Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park in the pool this States.Tempat States was named by Mrs. EN McGowan, wife of Assistant Park Superintendent, Charles McGowan in 1883. He called it "Convolutus", the Latin name for morning glory flower that resembles a spring.
Attractions are also known as the Swimming Thousand Faces because the color is diverse and beautiful appearance, there are green, orange, yellow, blue, and brown copper.

Two of the uniqueness of the Morning Glory Pool water contained in a different color and also the process of formation of a pool of hot water. These hot tubs have a different color. Factors that cause discoloration is due to a number of bacteria that live in water. Glory Pool itself is formed by the earthquake that erupted to come out as hot springs. As a result of decreasing temperature, the bacteria began to go in and change the color blue to yellow, orange and brown copper. Initially, the bacteria exist only in the pool (yellow and orange) but along with the decreasing temperature, the bacteria begin pushed into to the middle. However, the original hot tub was dominated brilliant blue color. But then changed to some color because human activity, namely, the visitors who throw money coin, stone, wood and even garbage.

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