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Athens or Athena

Athens or Athena is the capital of the Greek state, which in Modern Greek is called Athina, whereas in the Ancient Greek language and the language is called Ἀθῆναι Katharevousa "Athēnai". Athena is also often referred to as the origin of Western civilization because of its cultural achievements in the 4th century and the 5th and made ​​him rich variety of buildings, monuments, and works of ancient art. One of the most famous is the Acropolis is to be one proof of classical Greek art.

Athens is also famous in the eyes of the world menjdi after becoming the first Olympic opening. The town is a center of economic, cultural, political and Greece is now one of the tourist destinations of the world. And many tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy the natural beauty and cultural heritage that linger in the city. The city is also rumored as one of the city with the best architecture in the world.

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