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Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo or The Catacombs

Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo or The Catacombs, is a way of burial of the Italy that put lives into the church like a monastery, priest, and his descendants. And dehydrated into ceramic bodies shaped like the original human form, some of the bodies embalmed and dicuka and not a few corpses are only covered by the glass. Burial is located in Palermo, Sicily, southern Italy, was first performed in 1599, but officially closed in 1880. But because the tourists continue to visit, then in 1920, officially reopened Catacombs until now.

Catacombs became one of the terrible tourist destination and a remarkable historical record. This provides another tourist attraction for visitors.
Last friar interred into the catacombs was Brother Riccardo in 1871 but other famous people are buried. Catacombs contain about 8000 mummies that line the walls. The hall is divided into categories: Men, Women, Virgin, Child, Priests, Monks, and Professionals. Some arranged in poses, for example, two children sitting together in a rocking chair. Accessible coffin to the family of the deceased so that on certain days of the family can hold their hands and they can "join" their family in prayer.

Famous people buried in the catacombs include:
     * Colonel Enea DiGuiliano (in French Bourbon uniform)
     * Salvatore Manzella, surgeons
     * Lorenzo Marabitti, sculptor
     * Filipo Pennino, sculptor
     * Son of a king of Tunis who had converted to Catholicism
     * Allegedly Velázquez, Spanish painter, was buried in a vault Fuensalida church of San Juan Bautista (Madrid, Spain), and within eight days his wife was buried at his side.

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