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Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja is a district that is 300 km from the city of Makassar, Indonesia. This place has a very impressive natural scenery of granite stone, green rice fields and patches of mountain and burial complexes that can make chilling shudder. Now Tana Toraja is one of the tourist attraction in Indonesia, is inhabited by the Toraja tribe who live in mountainous areas and maintain a typical lifestyle and still show the original Austronesian lifestyle. But nowhere is this more exciting if we can travel here primarily to coincide funeral commonly called 'signs Tuka'.

In Toraja society, the funeral rites of the most important and expensive. People who are more wealthy and powerful, funeral expenses will be more expensive. The body of the deceased are not buried but in a place (traditional house) tongkonan, and also held cutting diacara buffalo. In addition, we can visit the various types of funeral here as in baby death 'Kambira' in the tree, the bodies 'Stone tumonga' on the rocks and in caves Rantepao. Funeral was held only occasionally after weeks, months, even years since the death in question, with the goal of keeping the family left behind to collect enough money to cover funeral expenses. Toraja tribe believes that death is not something that comes with a sudden but a gradual process toward Puya (the spirit world, or the afterlife). In the waiting period, the corpse is wrapped with several pieces of cloth and kept under these tongkonan.

So if you want to feel the area is still exotic, has a wealth of cultural and remote, would not hurt you to try to come to this place and feel the different atmosphere. Foreign and local tourists and many say that this place is one vacation destination or travel frightening and extreme.

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