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Château de Machecoul

Château de Machecoul. Vacation or travel is the most popular activities and eagerly awaited by everyone when it comes the holiday season. Everyone really liked and wanted a holiday to beautiful places and comfortable, in order to eliminate boredom and fatigue during a typical day working. But why the holiday is usually only aims to places who beautiful, luxurious, etc., why do not you try once in a while on vacation to places that are not normal, ie to places of 'haunted'. And one of them is the Château de Machecoul.

Château de Machecoul is a very famous house in the country, namely France. This house was formerly owned by an assassin named Gilles de Rais (1404 - 1440), a Breton knight, companion of Joan of Arc Marshal of France. But his name is known as a serial killer of children in the years 1434-1435. Most of the murders were committed in the house, and before being killed, they were first raped and then mutilated. And finally on the date October 26, 1440, this sadistic warrior executed by hanging.
And now this house became famous among tourist lovers, rather be one of the extreme categories of holiday destination and creepy. Many tourists who come here to see or feel the atmosphere of this house of cruelty.

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