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Leap Castle

Leap Castle is a fortress that is quite famous in the world, located in County Offaly, about 4 miles north of the town of Roscrea, Ireland. The building was built in 1250 it fell into the possession of a notorious family there, precisely in 1659, many people were imprisoned and executed in this castle. Here is found a 'oubliette' which is the dungeon where people are locked up and tortured. And when it was renovated, a report showed that the workers they found the bones in the dungeon, and also found that the results of a clock made ​​in the 1840s. Also visible here also report frequent sightings spirits unknown what kind of creature it. But the apparition is said to be accompanied by the smell of rotting corpses and the smell of sulfur.

But even though the story is spread so terrible and frightening, it turns out this place makes people curious. So many people came to this place just a trip to see the condition of the building as well as proving the reality of the outstanding issues. And now this place is often mentioned as one of the spooky holiday destination.

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