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Saint Louis Cemetery

Saint Louis Cemetery is a Roman Catholic cemetery in New Orleans, Louisiana. This cemetery is quite famous in the world, because he is the oldest cemetery complex in the world, with a dome-shaped dome and most built in the 18th and the 19th century.
And for segedar know it, the following names of famous people buried here: 'Marie Laveau' Voodoo priest, 'Bernard de Marigny' carrier dice game to the USA, 'Barthelemy Lafon' a pirate, 'Paul Morphy' one First Chess world champion in the world, and "Delphine LaLaurie", the murderous socialite.

And now the grave has become one of the many tourist attractions visited by tourists. The people who come here want to feel the tour with a different atmosphere of the tour in general, that a trip to a scary place and extreme. So, the cemetery is now one of the creepy tourist destination in the world.

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